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By Smithhammer
Thought I'd start a thread for recommended reads - fishing-related fiction, non-fiction, travel, instructional, etc. Here are a few recent occupants of my bedside table (well, floor actually). None of them are new, nor obscure, but they deserve another plug anyway:Fishless Days, Angling Nights by Sparse Grey Hackle. n A fun read from the days of wool, rubber and cane. Mr. Hackle was a great historian of fly fishing, an un-apologetic teller of highly embellished tales in the finest tradition, a great satirist and environmentalist. Most of these stories first appeared in Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life, American Angler, etc. A great look back at what it used to mean to be "an outdoorsman."The Longest Silence: A Life in Fishing by Thomas McGuanen If you haven't read this, get it. Thoroughly enjoyable, and not a word wasted. McGuane can make just about anything that motivates his pen fascinating.Fly Fishing by E. Donnal Thomas Jr. (from the Outside Magazine Adventure Travel Series). n While not a big fan of Outside magazine (especially since Quammen quit writing for them), I was pleasantly surprised when I got this as a gift. Its a destination book, and its chapters span Christmas Island to Russia to Venezuela, as well as plently of places closer to home, like Florida, Montana and Texas. What elevates it above yet another cool, exotic destination book though, is that Thomas provides useful sections for each location on logistics, season, fly/tackle recommendations, and even conservation issues affecting the fishing in that area. There's a fair bit of cultural info as well on the more far-flung places, and lots of nice pics. Not a jaw-dropping read by any means, but one of the better fly travel books I've seen.My Life as Told by Water by David James Duncan.n Great. Author of The River Why. 'Nuff said. :coffee:

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By Giant Leech
Highliners by William McClousky. I may have butchered the spelling of the authors last name, but this book is a classic. Ask any one who has worked on a commercial fishing boat in AK for more than a season or two and they will have read the book (assuming they can read English). Classic pseudo-biography of a commercial fisherman during the peak of the Alaskan Fishery. Provides great insight into not only the dangers of the job, but the rewards. If you have been to one of the fishing lodges in Dillingham, Naknak, King Salmon, Iliamna, Kodiak or another Alaskan fishing port, this book has characters which you may have passed on the street....Anything by Hemmingway is a given.
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By Smithhammer
Reminds me of another good read on Alaskan commercial fishing, Nights of Ice, by Spike Walker. True stories of heinous storms, rescues and disasters. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to work a boat in the north, read this first! He also wrote a memoir of his own experiences working on boats in Ak for 10+ years, called Working on the Edge - haven't read that one, but heard it's just as good.
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By PGflyfisher
The River Why - David James Duncann Great book, if you haven't read it, read it. If you have read it, read it again.The Bright Country - Harry Middletonn After watching his mother die and losing his job Middleton is forced to take a job working on the back of a garbage truck to put food on the table for his family. Middleton managed to survive and fish a nother day. A heartbreakingly beautiful book.Home Waters - Joseph Monninger n A modern day "Travels with Charley" with a fly rod.Dark Waters - Russell Chathamn Russell's words are as timeless as his paintingsThe Curtis Creek Manifesto - Sheridan Andersonn I think I learned more about fly fishing from this book than any other I've read.Fly Fishing in Salt Water - Leftyn I sleep with this under my pillow. The Cast - Ed Jasorowskin Casting is not an art it is all physics.George Harvey, Memories Patterns and Tactics - Grorge Harvey and Dan Shieldsn Mr. Harvey is a true legend of American fly fishing. I had the honor of meeting him a number of times. A great book about Mr. Harvey and the history of fly fishing on the limestone streems of Pennsylvania.
By Brookwookie
There's a pile of books on the piano, waiting to be put away. It contains:Ernest Schwiebert - "A River For Christmas"n Steve Chapple - "Confessions of an Eco-Redneck, or How I Learned To Gut-Shoot Trout & Save the Wilderness at the Same Time"n Brad Matsen & Ray Troll - "Ray Troll's Shocking Fish Tales"n W.D. Wetherell - "Upland Stream"n Roger Peterson - "Eastern Birds"n Eric Newman - "Flyfisher's Guide to New York"n Gierach - "Still Life With Brook Trout" and [/img]ood Flies"n Ed Regis - [/img]reat Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition.
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By Smithhammer
Taking Trout by Dave Hughesn A worthwhile culmination of Hughes' advice having spent a lifetime pursuing trout big and small, in his humble, straighforward style. Full of useful info, and even more relaxing and inspirational to read than Deepak Chopra (ok, I'm talking out my ass - I haven't read any Chopra).River Notes by Barry Lopezn Not a fishing book, but few other reads I know of get into the soul of the riparian environment the way this one does. Short, some almost dreamlike, observational essays on time spent near water.n Out of print, but used copies can be found pretty easily.

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By FliesOnly
I have to second The Longest Silence-McGuane is awesome..n Trout Madness and Trout Magic by Robert Traver aka John Voelker....n Another Michigan writer Joseph Heywood Covered Waters and The Snowfly-great read with more than just fishing......Great thread...keep em coming as there are many described here I need to have! Thanks, jp
By Brookwookie
Has anyone read John Holt's [/img]uide Wars"? If so, is it worth the effort?Some of the other stuff on the shelf (leaving out Traver & Gierach):"Pocket Water" - William G. Tapplyn "True Love & the Woolly Bugger" - Dave Amesn [/img]eanderings of a Fly Fisherman" - Seth Normann "A Place on the Water" - Jerry Dennisn "Spring Creek" - Nick Lyonsn "Whitefish Can't Jump" - E. Donnall Thomas Jr.n "Pavlov's Trout" & "Darwin's Bass" - Paul Quinnettn "Vermont River" - W.D. Wetherell
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The Grizzly Years by Doug Peacock.n Will also second MGuane's book, blows Geirach away and Geirach is damn good. Apples and oranges really.n WT

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By Giant Leech
I know I may be one of the only Buggy Whippers around that has this feeling but...I dont enjoy Geirach. Dont get me wrong, I own several of his books, but I found that after reading a couple of his books, any of his other stories were the same. The names of the rivers and flies changed but the root of his stories was strikingly similar to what I had read in his last book. I enjoyed the first book I read, but after that I just felt like I already had the jist of what was coming. I likened it to reading the comics every day, then going and reading a collection of previously published comics. Oh well, I guess I am evil for not reading everything he writes. Also the statement you can't be a Trout Bum until your 40? I am not yet 40, but I consider myself as much a trout bum as 99% of the fishing population. How many over 40 fisherman hitch-hike across South America to chase trout? How many live in a tent for months on end? Enough with the rant...Duncan, Traver and Hemmingway.
By Brookwookie
Leech, there's absolutely no reason for you to feel that you need to explain your tastes. I feel the same way about Blues Traveler and Stephen King.[joke]That said, you must be nuts. Gierach is great. What's wrong with you? Why do you hate freedom?[/joke]
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By AnglerMan
I agree with the leech. John gets pretty cynical about fly-fishing and in the end usually pigeonholes his stories about the purity of the sport. It gets old fast. But He does sell and write a lot of books about flyfishing, it must ring true to many anglers. Personally, Patrick McManus is just about the funniest author i've ever read. His collections of short stories are perfect for my short attention span. His humor is just absolutely the funniest stuff i've ever read.
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