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By castingoutloud
jerome wrote:
castingoutloud wrote:Yeah yeah ... anyway on a lighter side I never met the man (MikeO) but I always it imagined it would be this guy for real.
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Kids in the Hall are the reason I have the impresion of canucks that i do. I bet i have seen every episode and that whacked out movie.
Mark my words we will fish one day and fucking have a hoot. I would go to restaurants and Bruce the actor would be there I would always expect him to be like Gavin and giggle to myself ruined some good dinner vibes with the ladies Oh well.
classic glad you enjoyed. Oh yep. We are all like that.
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By DeadRatsClacker
this probably deserves a return right now

just as a history lesson
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By DeadRatsClacker
hey newb don't just start at the back end, its a history lesson page 1 first
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By DeadRatsClacker
kyped wrote:k thanks. i'll dig in
shit this place is so warm and fuzzy, since nemo pulled out the tantrum mat.

ps the thing doesn't wake up till page 9
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By kyped
this is epic. i just woke up my son. i gotta get it together here. barely turned to page 4. thanks from the bottom of my heart.
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By kyped
well, my stomach hurts, and i'm farting with each bout of laughter and the room stinks to the point where i can't even stand myself. this is just out of control. i'll finish it up tomorrow. it's brilliant. and again, thanks.

mvp so far= mexico

but 17 pages to go
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By kyped
there's nothing i can possibly add. holy shit this has been great.

thing is that Mikeo, or whatever did acknowledge the fact that there are 'unwritten rules' . he just couldn't surmise that the unwritten rule reads, "nobody cares about your attempt at creative writing, just post some titty and some fish, and some other shit, and shut up, sit back and watch it happen.

oh well, told ya there's nothing i could add, i just really enjoyed this. the mvp list is longer than just mexico, but too many to name.
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By uliwon
did you miss the memo about posting pics of big breasted belly slapping bed thrashers, maybe some fish you actually caught etc, etc?

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By DeadRatsClacker
uliwon wrote:did you miss the memo about posting pics of big breasted belly slapping bed thrashers, maybe some fish you actually caught etc, etc?

:bullshit Chub. Since we're doing history lessons here's your dismal first time ... &start=170

Cough up the goods, kyped at least had a crack at it marginal though it was.

You seem to have contributed even less than mikeo
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