releasing bonefish

Fiction: Catch

“It’s been a grand tournament so far – don’t you think?” asked the prideful chairman to the leather-tanned skiff guide approaching the trophy table. “Grand, perhaps, in the sense of fine weather,” the guide scoffed with a sidewise glance toward the competitors gathered on the dock. The chairman set down his Styrofoam cup with the…


City Limits: Washington DC – Trout and Traintracks

I grew up in Detroit, a city whose belching smokestacks and clamoring auto plants preach a relentless contempt for mass transportation. Yet when I moved to Washington, D.C., I fell in love with trains—the grand stations and comforting rhythms of the ride hooked me. I eventually ditched my car completely, relying solely on bike, cab…

Bugs on leg

Bugs: Desert Storm

–Mike Muri It’s an orgy that would have made caligula jealous. an unusually warm mid-may day filled with frenzied lovemaking, the participants’ bodies locked together coupling with a purpose, oblivious to all that surrounds them. Onlookers are left to gape in wonder as caddisflies in every shape, color, and size procreate with an intoxicating intensity.…


Flyshop Guy

Fly shop guy is staunchly heterosexual, twenty­something, and uncertain of his politics. Fly shop guy spent six or seven years at a southern university and is named Justin, Jeremy, Jonathan, Gifford, Trevor, Tripp or Tristan. Fly shop guy will say things across the river when fishing is poor like, “Holy shit, dude, even the choice…