Welcome to Stihlhead Season

Four Seasons Fly Shoppe in LaGrande, Oregon, represents everything I love about the Eastern half of my home state. The entire region exposes much of western Montana as the playground for hobby-ranching Hollywood types that it has become. If you want to see a landscape dripping with old-school authenticity, then consider Enterprise, not Ennis.


Why the Yucatan Rules

One of the most common saltwater fishing questions that I get asked or that appears on The Drake message board is some variation of, “I have to go to some stupid/gay/waste-of-time/soon-to-be-divorced-anyway  wedding/business conference/family reunion down in Cancun. I’mstaying at (fill in name of cheesy resort, usually within walking distance of Outback Steakhouse or Bubba Gump’s),…

Stanley Bain

The Disappearance of Stanley Bain

“There was no evidence to show they’d been around. There were no boats, no wreckage. There was nothing.” – Henry Bain. Andros Island, Bahamas Image:Chip Bates On the morning of August 5, 1995, Stanley Bain stood in front of his Cargill Creek Lodge and surveyed the small flyfishing empire that he’d built. The resort sat…



For those sad souls who can’t get the angling monkey off their backs and have chosen to live well above the seasonal freezing line, winter can easily slide into a cornucopia spilling over with bountiful excuses. Much like the traveling charlatan preacher for whom the mind is willing but the flesh is weak – we…