MANCHESTER, VT—Orvis has joined the online outdoors fray with today’s launch of OrvisNews.com. Former American Angler editor and MidCurrent staffer Phil Monahan heads the team of fishing content producers. The site includes daily updates on topics such as fishing, hunting, dog training, conservation “and even insider information related to Orvis. Orvis has taken the collective experience…


Whale Turds Bolster Ocean Fisheries

ScienceDaily is reporting results from a recent study indicating that the mighty whale turd, rich in nutrients, significantly heightens the productivity of ocean fisheries. “These countries argue that whales compete with their commercial fisheries. ‘Our study flips that idea on its head,’ Roman says, ‘Not only is that competition small or non-existent, but actually the…


Daily Dog

SPOKANE, WA—Dogs have no shame when it comes to eating practically anything—including what comes out the other end. It turns out Deborah Carlson’s German shepherd, Frieda, is obsessed with chowing bugs. Carlson recently returned home to a box full of missing dry flies evidently knocked off the counter by her savvy canine. “The scans showed 15…


Stories From the Gulf

As part of its “Gulf Crisis Week” coverage, Patagonia Inc. has partnered with Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB) to track ongoing environmental impacts stemming from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of Spring 2010. In its latest installment, Denise Schutte talks to local business owners and reports on birds dropping from the sky and toxic tar collected…


Monkeys Stole My Baby

We’ve been wary of dingos ever since Lindy Chamberlain lost her kid in a campground heist close to Ayers Rock, in Central Australia. But we’re now adding baby stealing monkeys to the list of sneaky little bastards to avoid. According to the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Malaysian authorities have been battling soaring macaque populations in cities.…


Masters of the “Trout Pout”

It seems that the “trout pout” phenomenon comes from more than whiny flyfishers missing strikes on the river. Actress/cougar Lisa Rinna’s career has been thoroughly buoyed by a flurry of Botox injections over the years, stemming back to 1986. But her signature, British media-coined “trout pout” is about to undergo deflation. “The former Melrose Place…


Thieves Score Record Trout Haul

CANTON, N.C.—Realizing the skyrocketing street value of hatchery trout, criminal materminds recently scored a 600-pound haul from a Haywood County trout farm. Police are on the scent. “[Sunburst Trout Farm owners] Sally Eason and her husband went to harvest one of their ponds and found almost no fish. Eason says the thieves baited the water to get…


Rampage 2010

While flyfishing won’t make Red Bull’s radar for upcoming “extreme” showdowns anytime soon—unless your name’s Conway, perhaps—we thought we’d share this footage from the Rampage 2010 finals, which capped off this past weekend in Virgin, Utah. The course plummeted 1,500 vertical feet and featured a 63-foot canyon jump. Check out Cameron Zink’s winning spin off…


Vegas Death Ray

Ahhh, Las Vegas. Casino row, super classy strippers, and all-you-can-eat buffets for miles on end. What else could you ask for, right? Well, it turns out that all isn’t paradise on the strip these days, and guests of a swanky new hotel are being “inconvenienced” by a menacing beam of intense light, which employees have…


$50,000 Wake-Up

Having surfed couches and crusty floors for what seems like forever, we’re ready to step our sleep game up. The NYTimes recently reviewed luxury British bed makers, Savoir Beds’ spendy mattresses—with price tags upwards of 50 G’s for their horsehair, springs, and cashmere concoctions. The verdict? “I woke up shortly before 7 a.m., from a…


PBR Goes Viral

Despite PBR becoming somewhat of a cliché—or perhaps iconic?— across the bro/brah flyfishing contingent, we still like it… a lot. This little salute to an American classic reaffirms that conviction. “Buy Pabst Blue Ribbon. Help save ’merica. Drink it you asshole.”