Photos: Best Euro Wildlife 2010

The European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition recently announced its 2010 award winners. Presented annually by the Society of German Nature Photographers, this year’s competition received more than 11,000 entries from more than 29 countries. Rules stipulate entrants had to live in Europe, although their photographs were taken around the world.Source Link


Palin’s Alaska: All Mouth and No Trousers

Television network TLC launched its reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, last week, providing a revealing glimpse into the former vice-presidential candidate’s prowess in the field. Seems the Brits aren’t too impressed, equating Palin’s “embellished” fishing skills to a ruddy pile of rubbish: “On 21 seconds, you will see Palin allegedly trying to catch salmon. Close examination…


Back in Court—Utah

The convoluted twists of Utah stream access rights are back in the press—and potentially courts. Last Friday, the Utah Stream Access Coalition, a nonprofit with a mission to preserve public access to the state’s waterways, filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Public Waters Access Act passed by the Legislature earlier this year. According…


Bieber Vs. Bonefish

SOUTH FLORIDA—Results from October’s South Florida bonefish census show plummeting numbers, the Miami Herald reports. “About 60 guides and anglers who poled across the flats from Biscayne Bay to the Marquesas Keys west of Key West on Oct. 23 counted about 200,000 bonefish—way down from the mean estimate of 339,595 over the past eight years.…


unHappy Meal

In a move that will break the hearts of 3-year-olds across the city, San Francisco’s board of joykilling supervisors voted to ban most of McDonald’s Happy Meals as they are now served in the restaurants. The ordinance would forbid restaurants from offering a free toy with meals that contain more than a set level of calories, sugar, and…


Hurricanes Deliver Things Like Hell…and Alleged Snook Sightings—Abaco, Bahamas

The tequila cobwebs were sticky and thick that hot July afternoon. So too were the 20-pound tarpon holding down turf wars, smearing the blood of wayward interlopers swimming their mangrove barrios. The salty streets can be mean but I didn’t realize how mean until I encountered my first Centropomus undecimalis—snook. I overshot that rookie cast…


More Evidence: Artists are Annoying

Since Colorado’s rivers are clearly such heinous eyesores, it’s refreshing to know that genius Bulgarian “artist” Christo has some big beautification plans. Christo’s “Over the River” project targets the tragically ugly Arkansas River, and would suspend almost 7 tons of translucent, polypropylene-fabric panels across 6 miles as it courses through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, parallel to U.S.…


5 Tips for Adventure Filmmakers

Whether your aspirations are YouTube or feature-length, former National Geographic Television Associate Producer, J. J. Kelley, offers 5 tips for making better documentary films. From the “compelling” clip Kelley provides, he may also want to add “Include three dudes holding each other close on a motorcycle” as number 6.Source Link

Death Bridge

Death Bridge Local guides call it Death Bridge. From the road it looks old and crusty. Up close in a drift boat it looks down right scary. The ancient railroad trestle runs across a section of an anonymous river in south central Colorado. Structurally speaking this bridge was clearly built in an era long past.…


“Hazed” Goat Gores Hiker

OLYMPIC PENINSULA, WA—Let this be a (tragic) lesson to all you goat hazers out there: “Now, the rangers weren’t simply being a-holes without cause—they were evidently attempting to instill into the goats a fear of humans with the painful harassment. The hazing was intended to intimidate the goat, to make it less aggressive. The approach, however,…


McGuane: More Humor

The Salt Lake Tribune sits down with wordsmith Thomas McGuane to discuss his days as a Stanford creative-writing student, the finer points of sentence structure, and the state of contemporary literature. To the latter, he suggests we might need to lighten up a little: “I’ve really been longing for a lighter heart in American literature. Dickens,…


Flyfishing Giant Chanel Goes Snow

Back in 2008, Chanel dazzled the flyfishing community with its bargain-priced $20,000 fly-rod outfits. Designed for the “ponciest angler on the planet” the kit featured rod, reel, monochrome fly set, and an S&M-esque leather-and-chain carrying case. This season Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel go snow, keeping it ultra-shred with its signature snowboard—complete with bindings placed on backwards.…


TU Calls Bull

MISSOULA—The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expanded the designated “critical habitat” for threatened bull trout in Montana and other states on Tuesday. Montana Trout Unlimited says it’s a start but still not enough: “The group’s executive director, Bruce Farling, says while habitat is important and improvements are welcome, most Montana habitat is already perfect –…