Recognize this Deadbeat?

    Angling Trade Magazine is reporting that a group of fucks pillaged thousands of dollars in loot from several Colorado specialty flyshops. “A well-orchestrated group of thieves is targeting Colorado fly shops. So far they have made off with several thousand dollars in merchandise. The group is stealing high end product. Among the shops hit thus far: Laughing Grizzly,…


Conserving Yellowstone Cutts

  Yellowstone Lake’s native Yellowstone cutthroat population has been decimated by nonnative lake trout. Park planners recently released a Native Trout Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment that proposes a long-term strategy to protect and restore cutthroat trout and other native fish. Jan. 31 marks the public commentary deadline. For more details hit Smithhammer’s latest blog…


Eat More Lakers

Background: Yellowstone cutthroat are in serious decline in Yellowstone Lake largely thanks to predation from an exploding population of invasive, non-native lake trout. Numbers of cutthroat in the Yellowstone Lake ecosystem have dropped to less than five percent of the historic population. 25 years ago, spawning returns in the Clear Creek tributary were 50,000 fish per…


Chef Ramsay is a Super Sleuth

From what we’ve seen of Gordon Ramsay’s TV antics, there’s no limits to the douchebaggery of Britain’s top cooking nitwit. The chef was recently doused in gasoline and held at gunpoint while “investigating” illegal shark fishing in Costa Rica. We’re just surprised no one’s tried to kill him sooner. 


NatGeo Does Bristol

  The December issue of National Geographic magazine has a 25-page feature on Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine controversy titled “Alaska’s Choice: Salmon or Gold”. On the page facing the table of contents, Tiffany & Co. placed this full-page ad stating the company’s thoughts about Bristol Bay. “All that the American West once was, Alaska still is.…