DRAKE Vid Winners—2012

RENO, NV—This month the Biggest Little City in the World played host to the booziest little film awards show in the country. Now that the dice have been rolled, A/V dust-ups adverted, and films/beers consumed, we are proud to present to you The Drake Magazine’s 7th Annual Fly Fishing Video Awards, presented by Simms, in…


Tailwater Weekend: Tikal

Like many extinct civilizations, the ancient Mayans may have eventually just grown too big for their own brilliance. Tikal, for instance, once supported 60,000 to 80,000 inhabitants—part of an estimated population of five million in the overall Maya lowlands by AD 700. And like us, they also relied on dams to manipulate environments to help…


Wham Bam Carp Slam

Since synchronized carp fondling didn’t make this year’s list of esteemed Olympic alternative sports, Denver once again will play host to the 6th Annual South Platte Carp Slam. The pro-am event, which raised more than $30k last year for local river rehab efforts, kicks off on August 25. Tickets for the New Belgium-fueled Evening on…


Back to the Beach

Ma Nature continues to show she’s a badass on the Elwha River, where top to bottom changes are unfolding fast. Since the dams dropped the river has started coughing up millions of cubic yards of sediment and other debris trapped in its reservoirs since the early 1900s. According to experts on the scene the river…