Tongass Truths

Even AK—contemporary bastion of wild salmon in big numbers—is not immune to the ills of habitual habitat degradation. The Tongass National Forest, for instance, is a prime example of salmon bearing waters in need of a little extra lovin’. They’re now set to get just that thanks to a $1 million partnership between The USDA…


Question #1

Orvis Helios 2 Hunt: Question #1 From The Drake, Fall 2012— After a whirlwind trip along the Oregon Trail, where Clyde and Tom collided with some Lake Billy Chinook smallies, the keys have now been passed to RA Beattie in Bend. How many gallons of Mirror Pond Ale would it take to fill up Clyde’s…


Fire Torches Lahontan Habitat

SOUTHEASTERN, OR—ODFW has suspended fishing in several of the state’s Lahontan cutthroat streams due to severe habitat destruction from the recent Holloway fire. According to area fish biologists, the 245,505-acre burn decimated riparian vegetation on some stream sections and fire fighters observed fish dying from asphyxiation.


Surf’s Up Kamchatka

Kamchatka—the land of vodka, volcanos, a shirtless Vladimir Putin… and now surfing. Patagonia surf ambassadors Keith Malloy and Trevor Gordon, along with Chris Burkard, Cyrus Sutton, Dane Gudauskas, and Foster Huntington have set out on an exploratory surf trip to eastern Russia, where they’ll camp, source waves, and do some flyfishing.


Autumn Assumptions

If you’ve spent any time in the Rocky Mountain west this summer, you’ve likely overheard a ton of mumbling and grumbling about fires, drought, and shit fishing. Well, some of it is true. And some of it has been overhyped. We recently received this note from Greg Felt over at ArkAnglers on Colorado’s Arkansas River,…


7 Years to the Day

Hurricane Isaac made landfall Tuesday afternoon smashing the Gulf Coast and sweeping dangerously close to New Orleans—exactly seven years to the day of Hurricane Katrina. Despite the creepy coincidence, the slow-moving storm avoided a head-on collision with NOLA and is now reported to be moving northwest toward Houma, La., at approximately 6 mph.

The danger of development and “shifting baseline syndrome”

Water, Florida Bay, and Bonefish

When sight-fishing as a sport debuted in the Upper Keys and Florida Bay, boat-makers modified their hulls, fishing companies developed faster and lighter rods, and tackle shops sprouted up all over the islands. By the 1950s an entire industry was formed around a specific shallow-water grassland habitat dominated by tarpon, redfish, permit, snook, and bonefish.…


Deconstructing Dworshak

Waters of Idaho’s North Fork Clearwater River once flowed freely to the Pacific. Cayuse Creek dropped from a high-elevation meadow into Kelly Creek, which funneled into the North Fork, which melded into the Clearwater proper, then the Snake, and finally the mighty Columbia. Native steelhead muscled upstream through it all—massive populations of massive fish during…


Seven Fishing Presidents

George Washington Served: April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797 America’s Founding Father was not only the Brits’ worst nightmare, he was also a badass woodsman, whiskey distiller, tobacco farmer, and once dabbled in spinning and weaving. We’re excusing the last two knowing that the First Prez also hauled in cash via commercial fishing on…