From Maine to the Gulf of Mexico

Tagging Alberto

Off the coast of New Jersey a fly angler named Ed Janiga hooked and landed a five-pound false albacore near Mantoloking. He stuck a tag from the American Littoral Society into its caudal peduncle, the thin strip of meat between the second dorsal and the tail fin. Eight months later a commercial fisherman named Wes…


Only the River Knows

Just when you thought your stockings were fully stuffed, dynamic filmmaking duo Peter Christensen and Rolf Nylinder of the Kokkaffe Conglomerate drop one more banger to make ’em burst. Only the River Knows takes place on New Zealand’s legendary Lethe River and chronicles trout obsessed cabin-dweller Lars Lenth through the lost-in-the-woods eyes of a young…


Last Salmon (Trailer)

The Last Salmon Forest from Detonation Studios highlights the ecological imperative of protecting two-million acres of pristine watersheds in southeast AK’s Tongass National Forest—strongholds home to five species of Pacific salmon, as well Dolly Varden, steelhead, sea-run cutts, and rainbows. The teaser is now officially official… and up on Vimeo.


Clock’s Ticking—

For those following Casting For Recovery’s annual holiday-online-autction-a-thon—with proceeds destined for its quality of life programs for breast cancer survivors across the country—you officially have two days left to get in on the bidding. Of course, featured in this year’s mix is the stellar collection of classic Atlantic Salmon flies and original art from the…


Curbing Columbia Gillnets

Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife stakeholders this week agreed on recommendations that would phase out the use of commercial gillnets by non-tribal fishers on the mainstem lower Columbia River by 2016. The move would prioritize selective recreational fisheries—offset by hatchery-bolstered commercial fisheries in off-channel areas.


PETA to Honor Poor Soles

An Irvine resident—representing PETA—is requesting that the city install a sign to memorialize “the hundreds of soles killed” in an October smash up. The truck carrying 1,600 pounds of live fish and several tanks of pure oxygen crashed with two other vehicles. The oxygen was used to keep the fish alive as they were being…


Steelhead the Magnificent

SEATTLE—Washington’s state fish? None other than the iconic, and threatened, steelhead. Pay tribute through November 15 at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum, where “The Magnificent Steelhead” exhibit includes works by Andy Anderson, Jeff Bright, Keith Douglas, Brian Huskey, Brian O’Keefe, Jonathan Marquardt, Dave McCoy, Ken Moorish, Tim Pask, Steve Perih, Mike Savlen, and Bob…


Tongass Op-Ed

The Tongass 77 campaign is a TU- and fishermen-led effort supported by scientists that would require the Forest Service to manage the Tongass’ top 77 salmon-producing watersheds open to development… for fish first. Current threats to the Tongass National Forest include the Timber Task Force’s plan to carve out two million acres for clear-cut logging…