Backcountry Fly

In a game of inches the Grand Champion team of Rick Moeller and Capt. Mark Gilman of Islamorada scored big this past weekend, winning the Backcountry Fly Championship and capturing largest snook and redfish honors. Their redfish measured 26.5 inches and 27 inches alongside snook of 28 inches and 29.5 inches for a grand total…


Survey Says…

…elected officials need to get with the program. Colorado College’s recently released 2013 Western States Survey packs some compelling results, showing massive discrepancies between voter and politician views on natural resources and public lands—and the roles they play in our economy and quality of life. The poll grills 2,400 voters in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico,…

Andy Bowen's flyshop is surrounded by fish-able waters.

Cohutta Fishing Company

Cohutta Fishing Company began life in fall 2009 high on aspirations… a little short on ceiling space. For three years operations were dwarfed inside an 8-foot high, 1,400 square-foot box—which made selling 9-foot fly rods tough. The shop has since relocated, ballooning its square footage, expanding inventory with stocked shelves of top gear, and planting…


Anglers Fund

While known more for work in the rafting and kayaking community, American Rivers and its Anglers Fund initiative puts fishing and habitat preservation first. Its focus includes: blasting outdated dams, protecting rivers through Blue Trails and advocacy programs, and working with power companies to improve hydro operations—virtually all of it benefitting fishing.


Surface Film 3

[There is some irony that a blog about the best photographers in the business is shot with a busted up iphone and a lens that came out of a crackerjack box.—WR] Surface Film is a fundraising event that showcases the work of some of the best established—as well as new—flyfishing photographers in the country. The…


Defining Fl Gamefish

Efforts to bolster conservation and management of Florida’s bonefish, tarpon, and permit fisheries are in jeopardy, with a vote due at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 13). Whether you live in Florida or you travel there to flyfish, BTT is urging all anglers to support new Sportfish and Gamefish rules…


Stanford’s Dam Problem

Drake contributor Steven Hawley recently reported on Stanford University’s useless, dangerous, and longstanding Searsville Dam: an impoundment that produces no hydroelectric power. Provides no flood control and potable water benefits. Has been labeled “high-hazard” by the State of California. And stretches across San Francisquito Creek—once home to coho and chinook salmon, and still cradling a handful…


Endangered for Dinner

The meal. Lentils the color of cocoa. A piccalilli of summer beans in deep gold mustard. An emerald drizzle of pureed Turkish parsley. And, in the center of it all, a six-ounce fillet of steelhead. In a new article from Seattle Met, author Allecia Vermillion details the journey of Hoh River steelhead from tribal gillnet…


Fishing with So-So

Tusheti is a mountainous nature preserve that squats on the border of Georgia and the pseudo-independent Russian state of Chechnya—far, far off the trout fishing radar. In the fall of 2012, Drake contributors Matt Hansen and Dan Armstrong traveled to the region to breath the culture and to learn a few river tricks from their…

Wild Salmon

More Wild Salmon?

Are Washington State’s wild salmon on the upswing? The short answer is yes. And no. According to salmon recovery reports data varies from one watershed to the next. But generally speaking, salmon will not be going the way of the Twinkie anytime soon, with numbers better than they were a decade ago.

Tix on Sale

Slangin’ F3T Tix

The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2013 (aka F3T) is roadtripping the country and about to hit a theatre near you, with tickets available online today and selling fast. Join The Drake and the crew at Trout’s Fly Fishing this Saturday night, Jan. 26, for the world premier at Denver’s Oriental Theatre. Beers, anyone?

President Obama and Mitt Romney argue who can drill on public lands faster.

Winter 2012: Put-In

Back in the fall, during the second presidential debate, President Obama and Mitt Romney got into a somewhat spirited exchange on the topic of energy. It began by Romney saying that “oil production is down 14 percent this year on federal land, and gas production is down nine percent. Why? Because the President cut in…

An argument for catch-and-release fishing

Accident in Bear Gulch

I rarely keep trout—let’s get that straight right away. I have no ethical objection to killing them when done responsibly, I just prefer to leave them in the river. Plus I’ve never really enjoyed the taste of trout, which my wife still regards as “strange,” given the amount of time and effort I spend chasing…

When natural flows return, so do the steelhead

Undammed Rivers Revival

Across the continent, 2012 was a bad year to be a climate- change skeptic, but a much worse year to be a fish. Before you bid a tepid au revoir to this torrid 12 months, consider: According to founder and climate raconteur Bill McKibben, June broke 2,132 high-temperature records across the country. May was…


Take Me Back to the Heartland

The pilgrimage to my perceived Mecca took 22 years, 11 months, 16 days, and 20 hours. I arrived fresh out of college, riding a 2.7-liter American-made Japanese chariot, complete with three-inch lift kit and the white silhouette of a blitzing Montauk striper across the back window. I was hell on wheels and ready to set…

City Limits: Orlando, Florida

Where golf balls and bass live in harmony

Sneaking onto a golf course to catch a few unguarded bass is one of the most time-honored traditions in flyfishing, especially if you’re a golfer. Who among us hasn’t walked down some random Sun Belt fairway (or rough, more likely) only to peer upon a hungry four-pounder lurking in a water hazard along the way?…


Crush It

Following the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission’s barbed hook ban on the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers, the Native Fish Society is launching its “Crush the Barb” campaign to expand the boycott—specifically to include all Oregon streams in the Columbia basin, as well as all coastal streams.


Surface Film 3

The Greenbacks and Trout Unlimited are putting the final touches on their 3rd annual Surface Film event, showcasing top professional flyfishing photography from across the country. Framed prints will be available through a silent auction to benefit the Greenback’s work to conserve Colorado’s coldwater fisheries.


Grand Investments

Buying land in Grand Teton National Park is a spendy proposition, but one worth the bank when it comes to securing TR’s dream of conserving public lands in perpetuity… free from the hands of development. The National Park Service recently spent $16 million on the cause, acquiring 86 acres of “school trust lands” within the…