The Townie

For your unbelabored Labor Day viewing, introducing Timmy Yochum of Bend, Oregon—a kid who works grocery store hours and rips no-handed wheelies en route to the river. Via RA Beattie and Beattie Outdoor Productions. “In their hometown of Bend, Oregon, Timmy Yochum is one who spends as much of his time on the water as possible…


More Habitat… For Chrissakes

NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) this week pledged $3.73 million to habitat restoration projects in Oregon and Washington, helping restore more than 1,800 acres benefitting threatened anadromous species. Funny enough, the ol’ habitat underdog is seeing a resurgence in popularity as a key ingredient to rebuilding prolific populations of big steelhead, chinook, and…



This impressive Instagrammed king salmon has been floating around the Interwebs today. Hashtagged details suggest: #chinook, #speyrod, #flyfishing, #bc, #skeena, #omg, #bigfish. This closer-up confirms the last two, and obvious omissions such as: #holyshit, #makesuskindahorny, and #bc-bound…


Cielo Grande… Montana

Cielo Grande—a new edit from Yukon Goes Fishing—detours through Montana and surfaces on Vimeo for three minutes of bank heists and well played smash-and-grabs. Watch it Via Yukon: “Cielo Grande. Large Air. Big Sky. After almost a year away from Montana’s waters, I took a whirlwind tour of some new waters and old favorites. It…


Square Shots

Felt Soul filmmaker and photog Ben Knight pushes his camera phone beyond selfies and the blurry night before with this inspired “Square Shooter” collection recently featured at the Adventure Journal. Here, Knight proves that A) his Telluride backyard is a pretty decent backdrop. And B)… that 2k we burned on our DSLR might have been…


Blessing of the Boats 2013

It’s time to bless your drift boats, heathens. If you’re anywhere near Baldwin, Michigan, on August 2-3 Stealthcraft’s 2nd Annual Blessing of the Boats promises brews, good eats, live entertainment, and a karmic river clean-up on the Muskegon. Of course, all makes of boats are welcome. “To launch our new production facility and to get some…


Liquid Gold

Sierra Nevada’s Volcano Creek is home to what experts believe is the world’s first golden trout—”protogolden” as it’s been dubbed by CalTrout’s Craig Balenger. Today less than two dozen protogoldens remain. The short film Liquid Gold is being created to raise awareness “of this magnificent fish, its habitat, and its plight.” The adventure starts in the…


Kings of Vegas

Las Vegas—the city of we can’t quite remember all the details—ushered in the 8th Annual Drake Video Awards last week with an emceeing Elvis, a showgirl named Andrea, and the best flyfishing films of all time at its namesake hotel, the LVH. Leading the Best New Film charge was South African filmmaker Jako Lucas’ The…


Former NFLer Sues FlyFishing TV Host

This guy is not suing his hairdresser. He is, however, seeking $300,000 from Curtis Fleming and the “Fly Rod Chronicles” TV show for misappropriation of his name and likeness. According to The Courthouse News Service, former Redskins running back John Riggins is accusing Fleming and Fly Fishing Expeditions in Fairfax County Court of misusing footage of Riggins…

BBay Win

Most Americans Hate Pebble Mine

That’s right, America. Land of the free. Home of people who hate environmentally exploitive mines. According to the EPA’s Bristol Bay public comment periods, which officially closed over the weekend, 70 percent of you told the agency that Pebble Mine can suck it. PR Newswire is calling the result a “decisive victory for Bristol Bay”…

el sol

Missouri & Metal

June was so last month. We’re ushering in July today with some metal and Missouri River fishing via those crazy kids at scumliner media in Craig, MT. Watch it “A quick day of flyfishing on the Missouri River, Montana with Mark Raisler (Squeeky Oar Lock – or – SOL) from Headhunters Fly Shop. A fishing…