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New Zealand Nightmare

Every good nightmare needs a monster. Denmark-based media producer, Peter A. Christensen, is back with this creepy edit of some very bad flyfishing in New Zealand. Watch it Via “This little edit follows Peter’s streak of bad luck and not-so-pro fuck-ups during a recent New Zealand trip with the Nylinder brothers.”

Colorado Stoners Go Fishing and you’re invited

Colorado Stoners Go Fishing

Back in January, NOAA meteorologists reported a brilliant haze-like anomaly ascending into the atmosphere high above Colorado’s famed 14ers. Dubbed the “Puffy Grail” it’s since been attributed to a mass exhale sparked by lawmakers legalizing in-state recreational marijuana sales. It’s now kosher to purchase and smoke pot in Colorado—where Johnny Law allows—and as anglers prepare…



127 Hours. An un-edited collection of GoPro footage from my summer spent guiding on the Madison. Nine Pounds of Melted Mono. Art project using 60 spools of Trilene, a campfire, and two bottles of Evan Williams. Book Project: Tuesdays with Cheney: 50 Places You’ll Never Flyfish Before You Die Because Obamacare Pilfered Your Savings and…


Cool Caskets

Yeti, makers of grizzly-proof coolers to safeguard our really cheap boat beers, ramped up production of its latest PermaFrost-insulated vessel today: The Casket. What better way to send off the hunter or fisherman in your life? Watch it “Six ergonomic and highly durable YETI DoubleHaul handles have been added to the YETI Casket for comfortable…

Sea Run

Silver Tiger Taimen

In the spring 2014 issue, Ryan Peterson and photographer John Sherman mission to Russia for rare encounters with Siberia’s sea-run taimen. The following is an exclusive peek at what they found along the road to “Silver Tiger Taimen: One Salmon to Rule them All”. Watch it Via Ryan: “Sea-run taimen live in the Russian Far…



New York fishing tackle mainstay, Cortland Line, has been busy freshening up the joint. New site. Varied mix of fresh and salt lines. And something still peachy. Pacific Northwest spey guru and recent pro-staff addition, Way Yin, weighs in on the changes… “These days, there are good lines from a number of manufacturers that fit…



The US Army Corps of Engineers lists a heaping pile of 79,000+ dams in its nationwide inventory (NID). But those numbers are changing, for the better. DamNation—a Felt Soul, Stoecker Ecological, and Patagonia effort—documents the down-with-dams groundswell with its world premier at SXSW today. Watch it “This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea…


Protectors of the Spatsizi

Wade Davis, a man dubbed Canada’s contemporary Indiana Jones, has been working to safeguard a Switzerland-size area from big industry exploits since the late ’70s.  And together with local First Nations bands, hunters, fishermen, and environmental groups like the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, British Columbia’s Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park—where the headwaters of the Skeena,…


March Madness Starts Now

Eliminate basketball from your bracket this spring. Insert fish. Cheeky’s March Madness lineup has been randomly seeded and features powerhouse first-round matchups such as mako shark vs. giant trevally, brook trout vs. tigerfish, and Atlantic salmon vs. carp. Since 2011, more than 10,000 votes have been cast, thousands of dollars raised, and underdogs crowned champions. Who…


Epic Movies, Brah

BumpyWaters chief blogger/film critic, Jake Ricks, goes to the fishing movies and comes back wanting. Wanting less cliche, that is, and a return to flyfishing filmmaking’s halcyon days… when a guy named Smethurst roamed the beaches in search of roosters. Words to film by, via: “TOP 16 PHRASES YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY EDIT OUT OF YOUR…


Skeena Anglers’ Auction

The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) is a driving force behind initiatives aimed at protecting British Columbia’s Skeena River system—and its storied steelhead and salmon runs. Read more about the Sacred Headwaters campaign and its successful battle against a drill-happy Shell Global last summer, here. SWCC’s Anglers’ Auction starts on March 3. All funds go…

get trout


A seasonal recap of big rising fish, a lot of coffee, snus, waiting around, and some of the most outstanding outhouse footage we’ve seen in a long time… Watch it Via Erik Spade and “I think all of us probably at some point in our life had to explain to someone their interest in…