Dave Hartman’s cool, quirky creations

The Anti-Artist

THERE WAS A TIME when skateboarder-turnedgraphics- creator Dave Hartman excelled at the art of being aimless. Bucking the law and generally lacking purpose, Hartman bounced from home to home in suburban Arizona and California, rural Alabama, and southern New Hampshire. Until fishing intervened. He found a fly rod and carried it to Montana. And there…


The Hex Talk

At some point in every young angler’s life, you’ll have to sit them down and have “the hex talk.” Conversation timing completely depends on the person. Some may not be ready, some will, and others are already experimenting with hex—without you even knowing. Here are a few key points to remember when it’s time for…


Belize Tarpon Tagging

El Pescador Lodge is hosting the Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition this August. Group leaders include marine biologist, Dr. Jerry Ault, tarpon fishing legend, Stu Apte, and Chicago-based angler/conservationist, Adam Marton. Check out the teaser, and explore the $64,000 Question: “Are our fish their fish?” Watch it “This is a rare opportunity for folks who dream…



How do you say hipster fishing holiday in Swedish? “Kaffestund…” possibly. Sip coffee. Fish with friends. And make music. Frontsidefly goes three for three, and throws in some sublime cinematics for good measure. Via Frontsidefly: “Frontsidefly was spending some time with good people, sinking flies and coffee a few days ago.” More from The Tallest…

walts crib

Compleat FlyFishing Crib

While England was embroiled in revolution and plotting civil war, OG flyfishing author Izaak Walton was lazing around a river, underlining the tenants of fishing with a fly. Priorities on point, he published the Compleat Angler in the mid-1600s. And this week, the Staffordshire “temple” built to honor him can now be yours for about $760,000 USD. The 400-year-old…


Snorkeling with Steelhead

Ever wonder what steelhead are up to underwater? Getting ready to get busy, that’s what. Swarming steelhead—one with some heavy face bedazzling—from Washington’s Methow River. Via: River Snorkel: Wild Steelhead. Watch it “Join them for a few minutes as they stage for the run upstream. Special thanks to Matt Hall for putting this trip together…


Taggers Wanted

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust launched two angler-driven programs this week aimed at gathering intel on bonefish and tarpon genetics. The org will use tissue samples collected by guides (and the rest of us) on fishing missions in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and southeastern US. “The goal of the Bonefish Genetics Program is to determine…


Pot Farms Guzzling NorCal Dry

SAN FRANCISCO—According to a study by state biologists, several drought-stricken rivers in northern California’s coastal forests are being polluted and sucked dry by water-guzzling medical marijuana farms. Worse, many affected waterways also contain non-smoking endangered salmon, steelhead, and other species. Biologists estimate that 30,000 pot plants were being grown in each river system. It’s also estimated…


Malibu Steelhead

Better known for its right-hand point break and the eclectic surf culture entrenched at nearby Surfrider Beach, Malibu isn’t much of a steelheader’s hotbed these days. But thanks to a wetlands restoration project completed at nearby Malibu Lagoon last year, trout have been spotted. Scientists monitoring the site found an adult fish, approximately 20 inches…


Meet Hickman

Oregon-based guide Jeff Hickman lives on the Clackamas River, where his sidekick, Ozzy, doubles as a hood ornament/steelhead pointer. Meet the man, the myth, the legend. And learn how gravity keeps the ocean from racing upriver. Watch it Via Scientific Anglers: “SA Ambassador Jeff Hickman, owner of Fish the Swing guide service, lives just steps away from…



Orvis just informed us of a couple job opportunities for qualified Drakians. For those seeking employment in the industry, with resumes running deeper than slinging caffeine at Dunkin’ Donuts, check out the following listings: 1) ROD & REEL—The Product Development Specialist will be responsible for the development, growth, and profit of key the Orvis fly…


Committed to Klamath

Oregon and California senators introduced legislation this week that will cement into law the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement, signed last month. The Senate bill gives Congressional approval to the Upper Basin Agreement, authorizing the Department of the Interior to increase stream flows into Upper Klamath Lake, improve and protect riparian areas along the river…


Mom’s Day Caddis Smash

This spring Ma Nature put the Yellowstone River in a cold-weather chokehold, postponing the caddis hatch indefinitely. Those who waited it out… got rewarded. “The river quickly dropped and cleared creating near perfect conditions. After a few warm days, the water finally reached 52 degrees, the wind settled and the caddis exploded. Drew Stoecklein was…

Matel Opener

Reel Art

Quebec-based graphic artist Mathieu Laroche—aka, Matel—has worked with brands such as Volcom, Rome, and Spy, lending his street-inspired art to everything from snowboard designs to accessories and streetwear. His latest “Reel Art” collection stems from trout, Atlantic salmon, and striper hankerings, and was prompted by close friends seeking reels with a one-of-a-kind look. “The project…


Steelhead Bandits Are Tricky

FALL CITY, WA—Police today are investigating an overnight break-in at the Tokul Creek hatchery, where so-called “steelhead bandits” released approximately 25,000 contraband fish into the Snoqualmie River. According to a King5.com article, state fish and wildlife managers believe the act of trout terrorism could have stemmed from a lawsuit filed (and won) by the Wild Fish Conservancy earlier…

The Loop

In the Loop

Daytrip down Loop Road in the Florida Everglades for local grit, gators galore, and more. Watch it Via Dan Decibel: “Loop Road is the reason why I started flats fishing in the first place. It’s an awesome place to go with friends and family. There is an abundance of wildlife, such as fish, gators, and…


Little Mountain, Big Spirit

Southwestern Wyoming’s Little Mountain is home to native cutthroat, the former footsteps of thieves and villains, and looming threats from large-scale oil and gas developers. Seventeen-year-old Haley Powell gives us a feel for its raw power and the reasons behind why it needs protecting. Watch it “Trout Unlimited and the Greater Little Mountain Coalition are…


The Beaten Path

There are those rivers that we dream of fishing; and there are those that we actually fish—constantly. Yukon Goes Fishing keeps it close-to-home with this icy edit of Colorado mainstays. Watch it Via YGF: “We took the beaten path this winter. When it comes to fly fishing in Colorado in the winter, there are plenty…