It’s not all about the Gorge and Black Canyon

The Other Gunnison River

MENTION THAT YOU’RE PLANNING A TRIP to Colorado’s Gunnison River, and a likely response will be something like, “Oh, cool—are you fishing Black Canyon or floating the Gorge?” Which makes perfect sense. After all, between the famed salmonfly hatch and national park status of Black Canyon, and the horse-pack/ rafting reputation of Gunny Gorge, it’s…


‘Frankenfish’ Fail

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill this week banning commercial production of genetically modified, hormone-juiced salmon. AB 504, authored by Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, D-Arcata, prohibits the spawning or cultivating of “transgenic salmonids” in the Pacific Ocean to all waters of the state. The hatchery production and stocking of such fish is also off-limits. “The…

Norway all day

Norway All Day

Atlantic salmon on central Norway’s Lærdalselva River pick up the pieces after a hard-fought battle with the aquatic parasite known as Gyrodactylus salaris. In this HD edit, several dudes sample the reopened fishery… and torture our eardrums with an outrageous Riverdance soundtrack. Check out Salmonfishing Lærdalselvi by Neteland Productions. Read More


No Botox at NPS’s 98th

From Yellowstone and Grand Teton to Glacier, Olympic, Everglades, and beyond, today all of the country’s 401 national parks have waived entrance fees in celebration of the National Park Service’s 98th birthday. Formed on August 25, 1916, by President Woodrow Wilson, the NPS serves a mission to protect and preserve America’s historic beauty and heritage. And…


Bikini v. Sailfish

We’ve dunked our heads in a few trout rivers, but this—bikinis and sailfish—is some next level shit. Stay tuned for GoPro athlete Roberta Mancino’s upcoming episode, where she visits Minneapolis and swims with a carp. Via GoPro: “Pro athlete Roberta Mancino to find the heart-pounding action side of things as encounters the fastest (and pointiest) fish…