It’s Bigfoot, Fisherman Says

This looks legit. According to fisherman John Rodriguez, northern Tampa’s Hillsborough River is a great place to fish for gar and snap pictures of birds. On Dec. 26, however, shit got real when the 66-year-old retired electrician says he heard squishing sounds, looked over and saw this “thing” walking through the water and crouching down for a…

Pesca Maya’s energy revolution

Chill Out

Rogelio Velasco has owned Yucatan-based Pesca Maya fishing resort for 19 years, so he knows the challenge of producing off-the-grid electricity, especially for power-hungry air conditioners. Pesca Maya, like all Ascension Bay resorts, sits inside the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, where power lines don’t exist and aren’t forthcoming. So instead, most lodges rely on diesel…

90 Miles

90 Miles

90 miles is the physical distance between Cuba and the US. Culturally, and in many ways from a fisheries management standpoint, the two countries are lightyears apart. WorldANGLING’s “90 Miles” explores the relationship between the Florida Keys and Cuba—from a flyfishing POV. “Flats fishing for tarpon, bonefish, and permit is big business in the Florida…


Martin Litton Dies at 97

Martin Litton, legendary Colorado River outfitter and the conservationist involved in some of the 20th century’s biggest dam-busting battles, died on Sunday. He was 97. In addition to vehemently defending his beloved Grand Canyon, Litton pioneered wooden dory use on the Colorado and helped inspire the river subculture that spawned Kevin Fedarko’s award-winning book: The Emerald Mile:…


Salt 365

In “Salt 365”, two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California forge a strong friendship through their shared passion for saltwater flyfishing. Peek behind the Orange curtain into the Southern California ocean lifestyle through the lives of Capt. Vaughn Podmore & Keith Munemitsu. SALT 365 is a collaboration between Tight Loop Media & Paul Pryor…


Flies 4 Kids

Kevin McKay of started Flies for Kids to get more kids stoked on fly tying. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop has since joined forces and, in 2014, the project raised enough money to buy 30 kits that were donated to young, aspiring bug twisters. How it works: Fly tiers from around the country donate flies…

delta dawn

Delta Dawn

From its headwaters in the Rockies to its terminus in the lonely delta lying just short of the Sea of Cortez, the Colorado River, as described by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Pete McBride, is a system with “too many straws in the drink.” McBride’s film Delta Dawn chronicles his mission to reach the sea via the…

Hatch Steel

Hatchery Steel: From Catch it to Skillet

OLYMPIA, WA—At its mid-Dec. meeting, Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will explore regulations that would require steelheaders to bonk all hatchery steelhead caught on the Klickitat, Walla Walla, Snake, and Grand Ronde rivers. The proposed rule expansion is designed to reduce the negative impact hatchery steelhead have on local populations of wild steelhead—i.e. diluting gene…


Pushed Limits: Mongolia

Featuring new footage from Mongolia’s Eg and Uur rivers, two taimen strongholds, this short from Beattie Outdoor Productions and Simms explores the budding culture surrounding this explosive fish. “With only a small window of time to pursue one of the world’s most elusive fish species, the taimen, anglers have no choice but to fish through the…

be steelheaded

Be Steelheaded

From annual angler migrations to electrifying interruptions in the swing-step-swing dance, a world without wild steelhead would be a soulless expanse. That’s why this month Trout Unlimited is launching its Wild Steelhead Initiative, with the goal to protect and restore an iconic species and the fishing opportunities provided throughout its native range. “The heart of the…