Panga Patrol

In the ’70s, Mexican President Luis Echeverría spearheaded the building of pangas throughout the country. World Bank financed the project, and Yamaha partnered with Mexican builders to produce the boats, to fit them with engines, and to make a bundle of dough in the process. Still kicking today, nothing says roosters, jacks, bones, poons, permit,…


Shades of Green

There are green rivers; and then there is the Green River. In the latest edit from Bloodknots, the crew strokes oars in the brown- and ‘bow-rich waters below Utah’s Flaming Gorge Dam. Featuring Zeal Optics, Western Rivers Flyfisher Guides, some baetis, and one badass Airstream.

Tracking Disappearing Steelhead

Puget Sound steelhead populations are in severe decline. And most stocks have earned a “threatened” designation under the ESA, including Nisqually River fish. This year scientists are tracking juvenile steelhead from the Nisqually in an attempt to find out why they are not surviving long enough to make it to the ocean.

Skiff Stories

Every flats skiff has a story and Hell’s Bay Boatworks has teamed with angler/videographer Trapper Rudd to chronicle those narratives. Rudd will be traveling the coastal US to feature HB owners and their unique whips starting this spring. This is the series intro.

Save Sandflea

Alejandro Vega Cruz, better known as “Sandflea”, was introduced to the greater flyfishing community in Beattie Outdoor Productions’ film The Scorpion Expedition, which toured in 2013. Sandflea, based out of Isla Holbox, Mexico, helped organize the colorful mission that took a group of anglers to five remote atolls located due north of Progreso, in the Gulf…


AK Gets a Say in BC Mining-Boom Saga

Native Americans, fishermen, and environmental groups in Southeast Alaska continue to criticize British Columbia mining projects, decrying the potential to destroy downstream fisheries. At least five of these mineral holds are located in “transboundary” watersheds of key salmon rivers—the Taku, Stikine, and Unuk—that originate in BC and flow into AK.


Guyana lives next door to Venezuela on the Caribbean coast of South America, where the flyfishing frontier is defined by rainforest rivers and donkey-sized arapaima. In GEOBASS’s latest epsiode the band reunites to battle debilitating illness, ticks in unsavory places, and a mixed bag of Guyana’s underwater goodies.

California Drains Delta Habitat Project

California’s Bay Delta Conservation Plan includes an ambitious scheme to build massive twin tunnels through the California Delta. The idea is to transport—or steal, depending on your viewpoint—water from the Sacramento River to Central Valley farmers and thirsty cities in SoCal. Estimates for the plan range from $15 billion to over $60 billion. Until now, included…