North Face Founder Dies Following Tragic Kayaking Accident in Chilean Patagonia

Douglas Tompkins, the adventurer turned North Face founder turned billionaire conservationist, died yesterday following a kayaking accident. According to reports, Tompkins, 72, was paddling on Lago General Carrera on the border between Chile and Argentina in high winds, with waves up to 10 feet tall, when his boat capsized. Three of his companions, including long-time…


Arctic Unicorns

Charlie varden, dolly charden, brookies, bulls, and beg your pardon—Arctic Unicorns is a new film from Western Waters Media that gives our favorite char (fish species of the Salvelinus genus) their due recognition. “Follow our adventure as we chase brook trout, Arctic char, and some of the most rare and beautiful dolly varden in existence (unicorns).

Son of a F*sh

Delta Trout Force comes in hot with this Monday morning mixed-bag covering Christmas Island, Baja, Colorado, and Wyoming, with species ranging from roosters to coral trout. “Diversity has always been the spice of life. Knowing this, it’s only accurate to say things are getting all sorts of zesty on the DTF front.”

Farm Ponds

After a long winter, they all look promising “We have a farm pond you can fish,” my brother-in-law’s cousin said. It was frigid cold, dead of winter, and we were sitting in the Taj Mahal of pit blinds waiting for first light and some geese to fly over. In the Northern Neck of Virginia hunting…


Cat & Release

What do brown trout and most cats have in common? They both love to chomp on mice, obviously. And now thanks to the world’s first flyfishing pet toy built to fish for felines, you can twist on a Mr. Hankey and hook a trophy kitty. Sam Walton’s new Cat-Fish Kickstarter campaign is well on its…