One man’s battle to free the Klamath

Flowing Ambition

[The Obama administration and California officials are set to announce an agreement to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River, sidestepping Congress to restore its salmon and steelhead fisheries. The move would result in the largest river restoration in U.S. history. A news conference trumpeting the deal will take place today at the Yurok Reservation in…


Video Daze: Through the Guides

Stripping away the Buffs and mirrored shades for a minute, “Through the Guides” reveals the inner workings of three respected flyfishing guides from divergent backgrounds, targeting remarkably different fisheries. Despite their differences these coaches, moms, and contrasting personalities all share something Dr. Phil calls, “raging fish addiction.” Via The Noble Lab: “Maybe they were born…


2016 Florida Skiff Challenge

Sarasota, Florida—It’s a bold concept: run an open skiff from the Florida Panhandle down along the western coast of Florida all the way to Key West before heading north up the East Coast and then back across the state through the Okeechobee Waterway, eventually finishing in Sarasota. It’s been attempted once before (unsuccessfully, in 2015)…


Montana Wild’s Legal Troubles

Owners and an associate of Missoula, Montana-based film company Montana Wild have been issued 38 state and 11 federal citations following a two-year investigation into violations that stem from commercial filming in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, on USFS lands, without valid permits. The filmmakers were slapped with additional fines—more than $5k total—for breaking state fishing…