It’s Now or Neverglades

South Florida’s Everglades has been dammed, diked, and drained—in the name of developing America’s superswamp—for decades. Now a coalition of concerned individuals and organizations intend to fix the horrific results of mismanagement of Florida’s waters. Their “Now or Neverglades Declaration” petition targets lawmakers and enforcement agencies, urging them to restore the flow of clean, fresh…

Without our rivers, what is left?

Confessions of a One-Issue Voter

DEEP INSIDE MOST TROUT anglers lies an understanding that the existence of clean water and healthy public habitat are what get us out of bed in the morning, especially on weekends. Many have sacrificed lucrative careers, either by stalling out in the middle when the job-responsibility-to-annual-vacation-day ratio became optimal for fishing, or by running away…

Need a new five-weight? Have an inmate build it.

Rod-Builders Behind Bars

“I CALL THESE OUR FEEL-GOOD PROGRAMS,” says Dennis Dunsmoor, Director of Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI), referring to several small-scale businesses he oversees, including rod-building, that are run out of the Arrowhead Correctional Center in Cañon City. “We don’t make money off of them, but the offenders learn skills that will help them on the outside.…


Video Daze: Anchor Point

A poet and Texas songwriting legend, Townes Van Zandt left a powerful, if not destructive, legacy in his wake. And for his son JT, viewing Townes’ musical fervor encouraged him to find his own passion for the outdoors. “My takeaway from my dad and how he wrote songs was a particular perspective and aesthetic about…