Video Daze: Steelhead Country

The Wild Steelhead Coalition, Patagonia, and award-winning filmmaker Shane Anderson have teamed up to produce Steelhead Country. The six-episode series explores the rise and fall of angling for wild steelhead in Washington State—from the heydey on the Puyallup River to other legendary rivers that are now closed throughout Puget Sound, including the mighty Skagit. Follow along…


Revived. Letter from the Elwha

Washington’s Olympic National Park is best known for iconic steelhead rivers such as the Hoh, Bogachiel, and Sol Duc. It’s also home to America’s largest dam removal project, which was completed on the now free-flowing Elwha River in August 2014. Here, contributor Brian Irwin recounts his days pouring drinks in the park and exploring a…

Park Service opened all of what were once known as “red line” brookie streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Smokies Survivor—Return of the red line brook trout

In 2015, the Park Service opened all of what were once known as “red line” brookie streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In doing so, it endorsed both anglers and trout. It is now the official policy of the United States to let these Appalachian natives be their own brookie selves. Contributor Zach Matthews…


Amateur Hour, Upgraded

Whether packing an iPhone or a strapping multiple GoPros to your shins and elbows, capturing decent fishing footage these days is for everyone. Not just professionals. Recognizing that potential, the fly-line think tank at RIO products is launching its very own Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards this month.

12-Year-Old Casting Ace Outscores Steve Rajeff in Kentucky

Junior fly-casting phenom, Maxine McCormick, 12, recently competed in the U.S. Casting Championships in Kentucky, where she became America’s No. 1 female fly caster for accuracy. Her score also bested world champion Steve Rajeff—aka the greatest caster in history. McCormick will now join three other members of the San Francisco/Oakland Casting Club to compete in the world championships…


Migrate, Spawn, Spa-Session

Introducing the Yakamas’ new steelhead rehab program Steelhead in Washington’s Yakima River are doubling down on spawning thanks to a reconditioning program run by the Yakama tribe—spelled differently than the river. A study published recently in North American Journal of Fisheries Management shows a successful pattern of repeat spawning in female steelhead during the decade-long…

Now in the upper river, are snakeheads here to stay?

Scourge of the Potomac

THERE ARE MANY SLIMY and unappealing things in Washington, D.C.—politicians, attorneys, lobbyists—but flyfisher Austin Murphy is interested in just one: the northern snakehead, also known as the Potomac Pike or the fearsome-sounding Frankenfish, named for its seemingly unnatural ability to move on land, live for days out of water breathing air, secrete mucus from its…


Video Daze: Cosmo

A coral reef 639 miles southwest of Port Victoria—the capital of the Seychelles—Cosmoledo Atoll is home to some of the headiest, healthiest giant trevally flats on the planet. Not to mention prime habitat for triggers, bones, and milkfish. That’s why we love it… and it’s why you should too. Here, follow the Alphonse Fishing Company crew…


Green River Single Fly

Dutch John, UT—One fly. One full day of flyfishing. One great cause. The 2016 Green River Single Fly tourney takes place Aug. 25-26 on Green below Flaming Gorge Dam. Now in its 8th year, the event brings teams together from across the West to face off against the river’s biggest trout, while raising funds for…