California Makes Weed Tax Work… for Fish

Amid November’s national display of democracy California passed Prop. 64, joining the brotherhood of states legalizing recreational marijuana use. Humboldt Nation, on the North Coast, is the crossroads of both Cali weed and steelhead culture. It’s no secret that illegal weed grows have dewatered and poisoned key steelhead and salmon spawning tributaries. But soon skunked…


Monumental Maneuvers

Meet America’s—and a flyfisher’s—best conservation weapon Last Friday the Utah State Senate joined the House to approve a resolution asking President Trump to abolish the Bears Ears National Monument. In December, former president Obama used the Antiquities Act to convey protected status on 1.35 million acres in southeastern Utah, a move that prompted fierce opposition…



Breaking News: Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduces bill to sell off excess Utah congressmen Responding to public outcry from millions of American hunters and anglers over an endless stream of Utah-spawned public-land transfer bills, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden this morning introduced legislation that calls for the responsible disposal of five Utah Congressmen “deemed to serve…

Umpqua Feather Merchants collaborates to conserve habitat in Tongass National Forest.

Umpqua Marks 45th Anniversary with $45k Pledge

LOUISVILLE, CO — Forty-five years ago, Umpqua Feather Merchants opened its doors to anglers and shops in search of high-quality flies and unmatched variety. Now it’s wrapping its anniversary celebration around a good cause, collaborating with Trout Unlimited and the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska to raise $45,000 to help conserve and restore key salmon and…

Drake Magazine Southeast Alaska Tongass

Salmon in AK’s Tongass Catch a Break (Cue the Celebration)

The U.S. Forest Service this month finalized an amendment to its Tongass Land and Resource Management plan that will help conserve more than 70 salmon and trout streams within Southeast Alaska’s 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest. The decision helps safeguard fish thanks to provisions that transition the Tongass timber program from old-growth logging to one based on…


Could Oregon Coast Coho be Destined for an Historic ESA Delisting?

About two million coho salmon once stormed the rivers of the Oregon Coast. Industrial-strength fishing and leave-nothing-behind logging through the 1900s would be their downfall, underscored by dismal returns in the 1980s—with total numbers of spawning adults dropping below 15,000 fish. NOAA Fisheries listed the lingering coho as threatened in 1998. Last week the same…

The promise of a plan in the Yakima Basin

Washington’s Water

WHEN IT’S TOO HOT TO FISH, Yakima River guide Nate Rowley snorkels his favorite trout water. He’s been snorkeling a lot lately. On a scorching August afternoon at a coffee shop in downtown Cle Elum, Washington, he reports his findings from a stretch of the Teanaway River, one of the Yakima’s more significant tributaries, protected…

Son of Forks, Washington

Gray Struznik

IT’S NOT DIFFICULT to imagine the tiny community of Forks, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, kindling the kind of small-town restlessness that prompts its sons and daughters to move elsewhere. But Gray Struznik, born into this land of tall trees and deep puddles, was never struck by that desire to bounce. Instead, he stayed and…