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You’re Not Fly Fishing, This Is Fly Fishing

You’re not fly fishing. Oh, you think you’re at the peak of progression with that shiny carbon-wrapped rod and machined reel, throwing space age multi-coated lines as far as they’ll go before slipping off and disappearing into the distance? Really, your hand-tied flies so resemble the hatch that every time you open your box horny insects descend trying to breed with ’em? You’ve mastered delivering those delicate doppelgängers to impossible feeding lanes from awkward angles using ninja-like rod skills? Well, I’ve got news for ya, it don’t mean a thing. 

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Stranded on Socotra

On March 13, 60-year-old retired schoolteacher Ray Montoya arrived on the Arabian Archipelago of Socotra, intent on landing what is thought to be the first permit on a fly from the war-torn country of Yemen. Three weeks later, the talented fly-tyer, photographer, artist, and angler was still there, grounded like the rest of us. But Montoya is not like the rest of us. A Navy veteran, he grew up in a third-generation military family, bouncing around the U.S. as a kid. He became a teacher after college, and in the late ’90s began teaching internationally with his wife, Kerry.

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